Stainless Steel Letters

Stainless Steel Letters stand out

Create a dramatic halo lighting effect with reverse channel letters. We insert high-quality, low-voltage LED modules inside our fabricated stainless steel channel letters and provide a lexan backer or acrylic backer. During installation, the letters are floated off the wall with spacers — and results are breathtaking, both indoors and outside.

Over the past 5 years, we have perfected the process of fabricated stainless steel letters, using both C304 and C316 stainless steel. We cut the faces of the letters using abrasive water jet or laser cutting systems, depending on the job requirements, while returns are precision-shaped by hand. We complete the fabrication by joining the faces and returns with high-strength, non-leaded silver solder.

Our fabricated stainless steel letters are available in a wide variety of options including:

-Sizes ranging from 4” to 90” tall

-Thickness from ½” to 5” deep

-Choice of standard alloy C304 or optional alloy C316, which provides additional corrosion and tarnishing resistance for marine and other harsh environments (additional costs apply)

-Finishes including #4 brushed finish, mirror-polished face and returns, and painted PMS colors

-Titanium coating available in gold, copper, bronze and black finishes

-Minimum stroke of 1” is required on fabricated stainless steel letters

-LED halo effect backlighting with a lexan back creates breathtaking backlit letters

-Translucent acrylic face lights up the face in addition to the halo effect for bright and stunning lightingInstallation considerations for backlit letters

Before you choose a backlit sign letters, keep in mind that you’ll need an electrical junction behind the wall or in the ceiling above. We will provide the power supply (transformer) needed to power the low voltage LEDs. Also, adequate access will be needed in the ceiling and wall to run the wiring. Backlighting adds a significant amount to the letter’s price and installation costs.

Backlit fabricated letters can also be installed on panels, which is a great solution when accessing the wires is difficult or the wall surface isn’t ideal. This way, you only need a single electrical junction to for connection.


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